Let your concepts incubate at Nobility Designs from an early stage


Giving the care your concept needs at a very early stage is a great way to ensure you are on the right path.


At Nobility Designs we provide that environment and assist you every step of the way for the best end result.




Document your thoughts


We work with you on designs and photorealistic renderings to document our thoughts – the first step towards the manifestation of your ideas!


Documentation and drawings is a great way to ensure accuracy of the orders and to synchronize our initial thoughts with the final vision in the grandeur scheme of things.



Safety and Functionality is built into the design


After paying attention to the aesthetics, each design goes through rigorous engineering consideration for safe, functional and long lasting products.


At Nobility Designs we do not believe in bandage solutions. That’s why we build safety and functionality, with all the appropriate approvals (CSA, UL etc.), into the design.




Samples are produced for every custom order at Nobility Designs.


Producing samples, within your timeline, is a great way to see what the final product will look like first hand.


This our chance to eliminate any ambiguity. We may then return to the drawing board to reconsider some aspects of the design, or proceed to the next step.




A formal process of review – you be the judge!


It is time to check off the aesthetics, functionality, and other requirements on the samples. At this stage our documentation should be very much in agreement with the physical samples.


We proceed only when you are satisfied.




All previous documentation serves as blueprint for final production


It is our time to shine now! We manufacture your products using state-of-the-art technologies, so you can be sure they will have the best finish.


At Nobility Designs you are always kept in the loop. Your order progress can be tracked using your online account (coming soon).



Quality Assurance

QA is built-in for high quality and consistent production


Each product goes through rigorous testing and inspection, to avoid any aesthetic blemishes or functional deficiencies.


Once again, the progress of production and QA checklist can be tracked for each serialized item using your online account (coming soon).




All that hard work pays off as your journey at Nobility Designs comes at an end. See you next time!


Finally it is time to receive your product. Each item is packed individually and delivered to your door in a timely manner. We offer a variety of shipping options. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


We hope your journey at Nobility Designs was a pleasant one, and look forward to working with you again.

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